Siemens releases new product of Relays

The SIRIUS family of relays offers solutions for monitoring, switching and timing applications and for conversion of analog signals

Monitoring relays have a solution for you, whether its temperature, voltage, current, speed or level. Simple configuration and selectable input sensors make these units a snap to implement.

witching relays offer solutions from a compact housing and DIN rail mounting to high current switching capacities.

iming relays offer flexible input voltages and selectable time ranges. A single unit can match most industrial applications.

Interface converters are used for the conversion of analog signals from field devices to match control system signal levels. For the purposes of electrical isolation, amplification and signal matching, coupling relays and transformers are required between the control system and the peripherals. Sirius Interface converters off a compact size and convenient DIN rail mounting. Several models offer selectable input and output ranges. Manual override switches are also available to put a unit in bypass mode. Bypass mode disables the process input signal allows manual adjustment of the output signal. Making these products ideal for analog signal simulation.

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