Would you like to learn to program a plc ?

This test stand is just what you need !!!

This is not a toy. This is a brand new plc made by ge fanuc. Operates on 120 volts ac and has its own built in 24 volt dc power supply to operate the inputs. Its a new series 90 micro with eight 24 volt dc inputs and six outputs. Great for the beginner. Most people cannot afford to buy a used plc and the software to program it because even used plcs cost hundreds of dollars and the software is extra at a thousand dollars or more. With this kit you get everything you need (except the computer) to learn to program a programmable logic controller.

The test stand that allows you to simulate the inputs changing to watch the program control the outputs, the software to load on your pc or laptop, the cable to connect from your pc to the plc and the manuals that show you how its done.....plus the new ge ic693udr001np1 plc. Simply load the software on your computer, connect the cable from the computor to the plc and follow the simple instructions to communicate with and program the controller. You can practice writing simple plc programs and then watch the outputs change based on your inputs and the program you wrote. Its the best way to learn.

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